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Established in 1995 in The Peeler Group provides information services to both government and private business.
At the forefront of our company is our ability to serve our customers. Providing each and every client personal attention and a sincere interest in the product we deliver.

We are here to assist you in every aspect of your intelligence collection. We offering product and technology training, as well as continued support of your needs.

We have spared no cost or effort in providing the absolute best technology to deliver your request and returning the results we find on your behalf.

Through our web based software you are able to enter your orders directly from your computer screen. All information required is simple with the use of fill in the blank or checkbox requestors.


Our platform is designed to provide both security and ease of use for our clients. Providing a color coded validation system that corrects errors as you enter the requested information.

Our ordering and retrieval platform has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control. Log file access is restricted to system administrators while stored on the server. Log files are rotated regularly and archived in a secure location.

These secured portion of our site is protected by using 128 bits or better of Encryption and 128 bit Secured Socket Layer technology (SSL).


The Peeler Group is committed to providing you the best end product, that is reliable in it's content and source, in a expedient and cost effective manner that does not jeopardize quality. We are committed to providing you the proper Intelligence you require so you may make intelligent Decisions in your business practices.

The Peeler Group PO Box 688, 32 West Main Street Fonda, New York 12068

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